Welcome to Easy Bridge

Swap Your Funds Between Different Chain Fast & Secure.

Easy Bridge Bot is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that allows users to bridge their assets without signing up or undergoing KYC.

Contract Address:  0x3a6642e75174bdaf309f76979b032818833dbb34


About Us

Easy Bridge is a project that aims to develop and operate a crypto bridge that connects two different blockchain networks. For example, let's assume that Easy Bridge connects the Ethereum network with the Binance Smart Chain network.


In this context, a crypto bridge is an infrastructure that allows digital assets such as tokens or cryptocurrencies to be freely transferred between two separate blockchain networks. This creates connectivity and interoperability between the two networks.


Our Mission

Easy Bridge's mission is to create a fast and reliable exchange that will grow and outwork other larger competitors, while also making it as safe as possible for investors.


Easy Bridge Features

Easy Bridge Bot

A Multi Chain Bridge Bot that swiftly Moves your funds between different blockchains via our telegram bot. No KYC needed, bridges, CEXs nor wallet connections needed. Everything completed through telegram

Easy Bot Tips

Share your assets effortlessly with friends or someone special using this feature. It's a simple way to spread the crypto love!


Multiple Exchanges

At this current time, we have five exchanges that the telegram bot will be able to work with, we will continue to expand to other exchanges that are mainstream. We welcome all suggestions. These exchanges/pairs are based on popular choices previously made by users on other competitor bridge sites.


startegy & project plan

Our RoadMap

$EBridge Plan

Phase - 1

- Concept Development
- Community Development
- Official Social Media Creation
- $EBRIDGE Token Launch

$EBridge Plan

Phase - 2

- Utility Development
- $EBridge Bot Released
- Community Competitions & Growth listing
- Masive Marketing

$EBridge Plan

Phase - 3

- Easy Bot Tips Feature actived
- Partnership
- Increase social awareness
- +1000 holders
- Tier 1/2 CEX listings

$EBridge Plan

Phase - 4

- More Multiple Bridge Updated
- Execute a global marketing campaign
- Tier 1 CEX listing
- More Update Coming SOON.......

$EBridge Tokenomics

Token Name : Easy Bridge

Symbol : $EBridge

Total Supply : 100,000

Network : ETH

Buy/Sell Tax : 5%

(3% Marketing) - (2% Development)


Why Choose EasyBridge

EasyBridge will be the investment that all your web3 friends talk about, we have blueprints from the biggest bridge bots, with easy bridge we turn what is impossible for them possible.

Partners and Supporters